Mrs. Kasanders ' Kindergarten Joys

    This has been another FANTASTIC week in kindergarten!  We enjoyed sharing our FAVORITE things  this  week.  I appreciate your help with that.  The children really enjoyed the opportunity to show off some of their toys especially.  Their Fritz (Ff) book will be coming home today.  I hope you will take the time to review it with your child.. Have them read it to you and ask them questions.  They are working so hard but are having fun learning!  Next weeks sound is the short /e/.  Vowels are always difficult so please be supportive and spend time with your child daily reviewing their sounds, reading, and writing.  So far we have learned the sounds and letters for Cc, Oo, Gg, Aa, Dd, Ss, Ll, Ii, Tt, and Ff.  We have made quite a few words with those sounds.  We are also working on creating  both word sentences and number sentences in math.  Your cooperation in being a partner in your child's education is imperative to their success!  Just a little time each day will go a long way!  


     DAILY Homework Reminders:

              Read for 20 each each day. Make it enjoyable, ask questions, let your child make predictions and draw                          conclusions.  Have your child color in their reading log.  It should be turned in at the end of the                             month.  Children get to select a book for their reward !!

               Practice your reading words which should be kept in the white envelope in the homework folder. 

               Do your math homework page. If you don't have one play some math games, practice your numbers,

                         draw some 10 frames and diagram numbers,  use manipulatives or items around the                                              house to count sets, graph, tally, or do numerical flash cards.                                                                              Do any additional reading worksheets that have been sent home.  They are often sent as a review to                               help your child with fluency .  

               Always think about your child's education.  Look for letters in billboards, read labels, give them a                                     letter  ask them for its sound, count, look for patterns...                                                                                           MAKE LEARNING FUN like we do here!!!                                                                                                               ***** Other notes:  PLEASE RETURN the art folder/portfolio after taking out your student's wonderful                                                     creations.

                     *******WE NEED WATER BOTTLES IN OUR CLASSROOM DAILY!  

                    ********Next week is Catholic Schools Week!  Please check the newsletter for details so your child                                        is dressed appropriately.