Mrs. Kasanders ' Kindergarten Joys

    This has been another great week in kindergarten!  The kids are working so hard on their reading skills.  I am so proud of them but more importantly they are so proud of themselves! Many of them are bringing books from home that they would like to read to their classmates.   They can read a book to the class when they have practiced reading it to 3 adults.  This will strengthen their fluency skills and make it more enjoyable for other students to listen to.  We have also  seen a tremendous growth in our writing skills.  We have written a few books for our classroom.  Today the children will be writing a puppet show for their sock puppets.  It was their idea to put on a show for Mrs. G's birthday!  In math we continue to us our 100 chart for games and counting.  We have made a lot of observations with it.  Adding and soon subtracting are concepts we practice often with different manipulatives and story problem settings.  Mrs G  will be making us some beanbags.  If anyone else is willing to donate some beans we could use another 5-10 pounds.  Thanks!  Keep bringing in those water bottles! The air is dry here.