Welcome to Pre-3.  I am so happy to be your child's teacher this

year.  We will learn many new things and have lots of fun. 

Wednesday, January 15

We had a Wonderful Wednesday.  The children counted objects and circled the correct number.  We

read a story and worked on a Winter paper.  Everyone traced their own name.  We also worked on

patterns.  We went to Music and Spanish.  We even had a little time to play in the Gym.  Thank you

to everyone who turned in their Conference Time.  We will send second notice papers next week.

Enjoy a good book tonight.

Thursday, January 16

We had a great day.  We worked on the letter Ll today.  Everyone colored pictures that began with the

letter Ll.  Then the children glued pictures that began like lion.  Everyone located their own name and

traced the letters.  We all went to Gym today.  Have a great evening.  Read a great story tonight.

Thursday, January 23

We are having a great week.  We worked on numbers, colors, and identifying letters of the alphabet.

We did a shape/color paper together.  The children are looking at groups of pictures and identifying

the picture that is different in each group.  In Religion we learned about Jesus' friends, Peter, Andrew,

James and John.  We learned about the jobs of a fisherman.  We are learning about penguins and

polar bears.  The children were amazed that they live on either pole.  Polar bears in the Arctic and 

penguins in Antarctica.  We worked on a penguin project.  The children are doing a

great job in Music, Spanish, and Gym.  Remember tomorrow is Library Day.  Return your Library Book.