Links to Friday Folder Letters

March 13, 2020   E-Learning begins on Tuesday, March 17th and will continue until school reopens; check google classroom for daily assignments


-bring an empty cereal box for Lenten project

-Six Flags Six Hour Reading logs distributed (code included for required online registration)

-March Book It forms distributed

-Friday folder-please return signed Friday folder on Monday; thank you

-Bring library books to return 

Benedictine Math-pgs.395-396;  i-ready minutes

Dominican Math- i-ready minutes; 407

Science-study E52 vocabulary in spiral

Social Studies--work on graphic novel project

Religion--chapter test Tuesday; start to review

Writing-complete final draft of complaint letter

Book Report-choose a mystery for March; book report sheets were distributed on 3/5/2020; book reports are due on March 31st

Grade 7/8 

Notre Dame Math-i-ready minutes; pgs.316-318

Loyola Math-i-ready minutes; EE quizlet pgs.2 and 3; half of p943 on looseleaf

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(scroll down for Gr.7/8)

*********Parent Letters -Grade 5/6 links********************

Gr. 5/6 Friday folder letter December 6, 2019 and Religion project information

Gr.5/6 Friday folder letter October 4, 2019

Gr.5/6 Friday folder letter September 27, 2019

Gr.5/6 Friday folder letter 9/13/19

Welcome Back Grades 5 and 6 2019-2020

*********Parent Letters -Grade 7/8 links************************

Gr.7/8 Friday packet letter 10/4/2019

Gr.7/8 Friday packet letter September 27, 2019

Gr.7/8 Friday packet letter, 9/13/19

Welcome Back to School Gr.7/8 2019-2020-2019letter