Welcome to St. Louise de Marillac School!

St. Louise de Marillac School is dedicated to maintaining a family atmosphere and Catholic environment that nurtures our students to develop Catholic values and discipleship, academic excellence and respect for individuality.   A St. Louise School education is within your reach and is increasingly important in today's world.


We offer a complete Illinois State and Archdiocesan certified curriculum for grades Preschool 3 and 4 through Grade 8. We offer Full Day Kindergarten and Full and Half Day Preschool programs.


Entrance Requirements

Illinois State Guidelines dictate the following for acceptance into St. Louise de Marillac School.  All required forms must be completed and on file with the school office and all fees must be paid in full before the start of the school year:

  • Full & Half-Day Preschool  Student must be age 3 (three) or 4 (four) on or before September 1st to enroll in Preschool 3 or 4 respectively and must be potty trained.

    • Preschool 3 capacity: 25*      Preschool 4 capacity: 32*

  • Full Day Kindergarten  Student must be age 5 (five) on or before September 1st and must be potty trained.

    • Kindergarten capacity: 25*   

* In the event of a wait list, please submit a registration form and registration fee per student.  Your check (or cash) will be returned to you in the event there are not enough students on the wait list to warrant opening an additional class.  Administration may open additional classrooms at their discretion.

Uniform Policy

Students attending St. Louise School In grades Kindergarten - 8th Grade are required to wear the stated school uniform during school hours.  On days students have physical education, the approved gym uniform must be worn.  Preschool students are not required to wear the school uniform.  Uniform essentials should be purchased at Schoolbelles.

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To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Mon-Fri  8:00am - 3:30pm

(708) 352-2202

You can also request more information with this form: