Upcoming Events:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 1/20 NO SCHOOL

  •  Catholic Schools Week

    • January 27:​ "Hairs to Some Fun"- Wacky Hair Day

    • January 28: "Sweet Dreams Day"- Pajama Day

    • January 29: "Oh, the Places I'll Go..."- Wear College Gear

    • January 30: "Panther Pride Day"- Wear Spirit wear and school colors

    • January 31: "Wild West Day"- Wear Western Gear


no school


This week's nursery rhyme is, Anna Elise, she jumped with surprise...

The students had gym with Mr. Radak.

We read the story, The Hat by Jan Brett.  The students have been very interested in the beautiful illustrations that Jan Brett creates.  This has been our third book that we have read by her!

During centers, the students were assessed on their preschool skills and used colored water to determine which melts snow faster, salt water or regular water.


The students had music with Mrs. Urban and went to the library to listen to a story and check out books.

During centers, the students were assessed on their preschool skills, and traced and identified the letters Ii,J,j,K,k. 


The students had gym with Mr. Radak.

We read the story, Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett.  The students did an excellent job predicting what would occur next in the story.  In fact they did such a good job, they earned 20 warm and fuzzies! Keep up the good work preschool 4!


During centers, we completed our previous centers from the week and the students were assessed on their preschool skills.


The students had Spanish with Mrs. Vlcek and music with Mrs. Urban.

During reading the students underlined pictures that pertained  to the jingle rhyme or poem.

At recess, the students "ice skated" with paper plates on the gym floor.

Everyone should have received a reading log for January in their child's backpack.  This is their homework.

As you read to your child, have them color a  penguin for each book .  When they return their reading log fully filled out, they will receive a special sticker.