St. Louise School employs multiage classes because of the many academic benefits to students.  In a multiage classroom, students are challenged when they need to be and/or given extra help when necessary to meet grade standards.  Conventional grade levels are blurred in mulitage classes allowing students to delve deeper into subjects and to advance their learning.  St. Louise adheres to Common Core state standards.

•    Multiage classrooms encourage responsibility for learning.

Children are often given projects to complete and expected to conduct research on their own.

•    Project-based learning encourages and develops critical thinking and problem solving skills.
•    Students work on collaborative projects independent of grade level designation; other times they work on grade-specific work.

Whatever they are doing, they work alongside each other throughout the day, sharing materials, ideas, and knowledge.

•    Not all children learn at the same pace.

Teachers meet each student where they are at and challenge them accordingly.  Likewise, students who require extra support are given help to meet grade standards.